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The Leading ICT Company in Palestine

Unit One Group is a professional Palestinian ICT company which has been evolved since 2005 providing Enterprise Software Development, Branding and Identity Development, Business Process Outsourcing, and Online Presence services targeting the global market.
The difference of Unit One being in going beyond the borders through providing its services for many reputed firms around the world by utilizing the skills of more than 180 qualified and innovative employees and experts who are specialized in different ICT fields.

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To be side by side with every business in the world toward their success.


Unit One seeks to strategically enhance the businesses opportunities to be in the lead of applying the newest technologies that ensure their providing of services and products with the highest level of quality, on time, and with least efforts in order to ensure the businesses customers’ satisfaction.


1. Promote the image of Palestine as a one of the main and leading ICT exporter in the world.
2. Enhance Unit One presence in the global market through long term partnerships with leading companies.
3. Have an active role in responding to the customers’ needs through continuous contribution in IT knowledge.
4. Ensure the professional delivery of Unit One services for either large enterprises or SMEs considering the utilization of latest technologies and techniques.

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Saady Lozon Unit One Group +972-59-5760009 info@unitone.ps