Unit One Received many Delegations to Discuss the Ways of Joint Cooperation

During the last month, Unit One has been visited by many delegations to identify the capabilities and achievements of the company and the Palestinian ICT market, and discuss the ways of joint cooperation to benefit companies abroad in the field of software development. These delegations were received by Unit One’s management represented by Mr. Saady Lozon –Co Founder and CEO- and Mr. Ahmed Abu Shaaban –Co Founder and COO-.


The Dutch Embassy in Palestine represented by Mrs. Henny de Vries –the deputy head of mission I Head of cooperation- and Mr. Wijnand Marchal –the first secretary economic affairs- visited Unit One to know the updates that ICT Palestinian market has, and to discuss the possibilities of implementing many ICT projects between the Palestinian ICT Market and the Companies at Netherlands. Knowing that Unit One is responsible for the implementation of the largest Business Process Outsourcing Project in Palestine which is organized and funded by a company at Netherlands.


On the other side, a delegation from The Palestinian Market Development Program (PMDP) visited Unit One. PMDP is funded by The Department for International Development (DFID), the European Union, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy, and implemented by Development Alternatives Incorporated in Europe (DAI). Unit One management defines the Palestinian market status in the field of ICT, and display the outsourcing achievements at Unit One that many projects were implemented for companies abroad at Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Netherlands, and USA.


Noteworthy that Unit One which has the award of the Palestinian Export of 2015 has many partnerships and certified for many companies abroad as its ICT service provider, it provides the services of Enterprise Software Development, Business Process Outsourcing, Branding and Identity, and Online presence.

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