Out Staffing and Recruitment: Which Model is better to Have Professional Staff?

Each company looks forward to have highly qualified staff in order to deliver its services according to the standards that make their customers satisfied. Many services are submitted for companies in order to facilitate the process of acquiring talents and employees who can perform the job effectively, these services including recruiting, out staffing, staff augmentation and others.

It is important to know the differences between each type of these services in order to select the most suitable one to your business.


Recruitment Services

Recruitment is the process of attracting, selecting, and appointing suitable candidates for jobs at the companies. Many companies provide this service in order to match between companies and the professional candidates that they get fees for each employed candidates’ salary.


Out-Staffing / Staff Augmentation

It is a model of having a team who works remotely for the benefits of the company. The Out Staffing companies is responsible to employ qualified candidates based on the clients’ needs, and provide those candidates with all needed facilities, while the client company is responsible to give tasks for the team and follow up its implementation with them.

The Out Staffing companies generate money through the employees’ salaries and fees per employee (Overhead).


Which Model is Better?

The company can choose the model that fits its requirements and business environment. Using Recruitment agencies may be perfect to the companies, which needs to have the full responsibility for its employees, but the risk if the company pays the fees for the recruitment agency and prepare the needed logistics and workspace, while the employees do not match the needed qualifications.

On the other side, the Out Staffing model has the advantages of minimizing the cost of the office facilities, saving rent costs, and pay less salary rate than local employees paid. Moreover, the clients will minimize the administrative and logistical burdens, this will lead to decrease the administrative cost compares to having employees on-site at their location. Note that the companies and their clients should consider the languages and time zone differences in order to contact each other.


Unit One and Staff Augmentation

Unit One is capable to attract professional team in different ICT field including but not limited to web development, mobile apps development, testing, graphic design, and others to work for companies abroad. Unit One is committed to provide best and highly qualified staff for the companies according to its requirements utilizing its global network and in-depth ICT experience.

Unit One is keen to deliver the staff augmentation service with 5 stars level that quality control over projects is conducted by employees to ensure high quality delivery, and periodical administrative reports regarding employees’ attendance, evaluation, and other managerial issues are submitted to the client.

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