E-Commerce Solutions – The Trend that make your Business Distinctive


Reaching the right target market using most effective methodologies is the most issue influences the trends of commerce recently. Toward facilitating the communication between sellers and buyers, many technical solutions has been generated until reaching the e-commerce model.


What is e-commerce?

E-Commerce is the process of buying and selling products or services using internet. E-Commerce is conducted using many methodologies as websites, e-mails or mobile apps.  E-Commerce statistics show that worldwide B2C e-commerce sales amounted to more than 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2013; this means that it is a strong opportunity for businesses to invest in developing different E-Commerce solutions.


How can you start your E-Commerce Business?

As any business, the most important thing is to understand your market and to identify their needs and preferences. You should define your target customers’ characteristics including demographic, environmental and economic characteristics. Defining your target market will enable you to develop the most suitable products that satisfy their needs.


Develop a Simple Website!

As you defined your market needs and determined your products’ features, it is your role now to develop a professional website that it is characterized with simplicity. Do not make your website complicated with long purchasing process, but make it simple that the buyer processes his or her order in few minutes with two or three steps at most.

Moreover, it is important to make a responsive e-commerce website; this enables your target market to conduct their purchasing order via smartphones easily.


Attract More Visitors

Developing an E-Commerce website without traffic seems to be useless. It is important to attract more visitors through following high quality SEO program. Also, take the benefit of social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…etc), and focus on those that your target leads are available on.


Enhance your Credibility

Nothing will enhance your position as an E-Commerce Business as your credibility with customers. Focus on displaying real products and minimize the effects on its photos. Make sure that you deliver the required product on time and at the right address, this will encourage your customers to make recommendations for your business to others.


Unit One Experience in E-Commerce

Unit One excelled in developing best E-Commerce solutions either as websites, mobile apps (Android or iOS), and E-Catalogues using different content management systems as Magento and WooCommerce. Many advantages Unit One submits to its clients to make their E-Commerce business better including but not limited to:

  1. Design themes for the website and the mobile app to be integrated with each other.
  2. Taking into consideration the work field of the company (Multi Languages, Multi Currencies, E-Payment Methods, Number of Service Providers, and others).
  3. Considering the needs of the company and adding features based on it including products evaluation, coupons, offers, and others.

Recently, the focus of each business is to minimize cost and efforts and maximize profits. E-Commerce solutions are considered as a trend followed by hundreds of companies that make it competitive and distinctive in the rapid developed market.


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