Staff Augmentation – Best Methodology for Effective Recruitment


Toward satisfying the companies’ needs for professional and qualified employees, staff augmentation became an effective solution to fill the gap of the required human resources to perform the work with a manner that makes the companies’ clients satisfied.


What is Staff Augmentation?


Staff Augmentation is a methodology to get highly qualified personnel to work for the benefit of your project or company within the outsourcing strategy to achieve your business goals. IT staff augmentation is considered the most needed.


The Benefits of Staff Augmentation


Staff Augmentation is the best choice for staffing your business because of the followings:

  1. Follow up your staff: Effective monitoring for the staff based on the accomplished tasks and performed work.
  2. Minimal recruitment Efforts: Minimize the efforts of implementing the recruitment process through appointing it for the company, which will provide you with the needed staff.
  3. Minimize your cost: Control the cost of having on site staff that your company is not responsible to hold the cost of place, stationary, hospitality, or other needed costs. The paid costs will be according to your needs and the facilities provided by the recruitment company.
  4. Fill skills gap: Find the needed skills required for your projects or company by staff augmentation.
  5. Minimize the investment risk: By staff augmentation, the risk of investment in human resources to improve their skills based on your need is minimized.


Staff Augmentation Process


When you like to have a professional staff, the companies work in the field of staff augmentation will make their efforts to attract the qualified personnel to work for your benefit.


Firstly: Before Employment


The staff augmentation company will be responsible for conducting all the needed recruitment activities including contribute in developing the job description and specification based on the needs of your company, publishing job ads, conducting initial evaluation for candidates, and provide you with the best candidates to select the most qualified for the vacancy your company has.


 Secondly: After Contract Signing


The staff augmentation company will be responsible to follow up and monitor the employees who work for your company’s benefit administratively including the attendance sheet, the employees’ attitudes, the financial rewards, and other issues based on the agreement with your company.


Your company will follow the progress of the employees work based on your project’s timeline and schedule, and according to the task requirements.


For more information about staff augmentation process, the following chart obtains its steps clearly:


Staff-Augmentation-4 Staff Augmentation - Best Methodology for Effective Recruitment


Fields of IT Staff Augmentation


Due to the needs of all companies at many and different working sectors to utilize the Information Technology aspects in their businesses to keep pace with new business trends, the followings are the fields of IT staff augmentation:

  1. Software Development.
  2. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.
  3. Application Development and Maintenance.
  4. Testing and Quality.
  5. UX/UI Design.
  6. Graphic Design.
  7. Social Media Marketing.
  8. IT Projects Management.
  9. System Analysis.
  10. Requirements Analysis.
  11. Technical and Networking Support.


Staff Augmentation in Palestine


Palestine is considered one of the most countries that investing heavily in improving the skills of the human resources and keen to develop their capabilities continuously that personnel is the main and most important asset for it.


Palestine is considered the perfect location to outsource your projects and services for it due to the following:

  1. Palestinians have very good English language.
  2. The Palestinian graduates are highly learned and skilled, and they have the ability to adapt any new technologies required by the labor market.
  3. The availability of strong IT infrastructure that enable the employees to meet the company’s needs effectively at any time.
  4. The Palestinians have many success stories and achievements in partnership with leading and global IT companies abroad.


As one of leading ICT companies in Palestine which works in the field of Staff Augmentation, Unit One has the capabilities to attract highly qualified staff to work side by side with your company toward its success, that it has many partnerships with popular companies at Netherlands, USA, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, and others.


For more information about staff augmentation, visit the following link:

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