Business Process Outsourcing… The Effective Solution for Companies’ Mutual Benefits


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)… What does it mean?

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is contracting or rearrangement of business functions/tasks to some other service providers may be either self-owned or a third party and they are mainly in competitive cost locations. There is two types of BPO based on the location of the contracted party; “nearshore” outsourcing for the near countries and offshore outsourcing for the outside countries.


The BPO Provided Services

Many services can been outsourced like human resources services, procurement, finance, real Estate, insurance, customer-related services, telecommunications networks, pharmaceuticals and more. But the main services been provided as outsourcing services are information technology enabled services (ITES) as web and mobile development, graphic design, data entry archiving, content creation and translation.


Why Outsourcing?

Many companies are discovering that outsourcing their services to third party contributes in increasing the productivity, efficiency, quality and maximizing the revenues. Unit One defined the market needs and worked side by side with businesses abroad toward their success.

Over the past 5 years Unit One excelled in satisfying the companies’ needs through providing its professional services that have the highest quality and competitive prices.


"Customized Methodologies for each BPO Project”


The success of any BPO project is due to the using of customized data entry systems, considering the timely and accurate delivery for the requirements, continuous checking, and following a quality assurance process to have the output with quality exceeds 99.98%.


Each BPO project should have customized methodologies and techniques to implement it in proficiently way, the following process obtains a sample of customized process for a data entry project:


1 Business Process Outsourcing... The Effective Solution for Companies’ Mutual Benefits


Unit One Achievements


Unit One succeeded in implementing many projects and exported its services for many countries including but not limited to Jordan, Kuwait, KSA, Netherlands, USA, and others. One of these projects is in the field of data entry that more than 1,000,000,000 characters has been keyed by more than 150 employees with the quality exceeds 99.98%. Also, a project of content creation was implemented effectively that more than 10,000 Arabic articles were written and checked by highly qualified writers and auditors.

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