Managing Quality in Software Development

Most businesses today rely on software that provides speed and accuracy in the processing of businesses and proficiency in services delivery. If businesses rely on software that is not reliable quality then the businesses’ goals will be at risk of failure.

So, Quality Assurance considers a main component in the processing of software development.

Why do Unit One care about Quality?

Unit One Company believes that the practical life is increasingly rely on software.  Software cannot keep pace with developments in life and changing customer requirements without verification of software quality to ensure that:

  • The production of software that achieves customer satisfaction and continue to do so.
  • Export software on time and within budget.
  • The production of software is based on scientific grounds and proper planning so that they are easy to maintain and modify.

So Software Quality Assurance (SQA) in Unit One takes a place in all software development phases, from requirement to analysis and design, then implementation and testing and deployment.

Quality Assurance Process in Unit One:

Quality Assurance Process starts in Unit One from the first phase of the software development process which is the requirements’ gathering and analysis.

Qulaity-and-Testing-Model-300x208 Managing Quality in Software Development

Unit One Quality Assurance team checks the Completeness, Correctness, Ambiguity and Inconsistency of the documents written by software engineers, and takes client's approval on the system analysis through a prototype, to ensure that Unit One is going to build the right product.

After Software Requirements Specification (SRS) validation is completed, software engineers design the system topology, chooses best technologies, decides subsystems interactions, designs concurrency and security policies and mapping database schema…etc, then Unit One Quality Assurance team checks the system’s design to ensure that the design implements all specified requirements.

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In implementation phase Unit One teams applies different types of testing such as Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and different quality attributes testing which prepared by Quality Assurance team in Unit One.

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 Finally, User acceptance testing performed by the client which prepared by Quality Assurance team, and any maintenance required is applied under regression testing.

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In general, Unit One team care always for professional deliver for its ICT services in order to ensure that the developed software achieve the required goals for its clients. So, do not hesitate to contact Unit One to provide your company the best ICT solutions that subject to a complementary testing and quality process.

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